Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ahangama Sri siduhath daham pasala

The best daham school in Ahangama is Sri Siduhath Daham School(pasala) at Kurunduwatta, Ahangama. About 70 students learn in Daham school. The Chief priest is Rev. Wellamadame Wimalaseela thero. Founder member of our Dhamma School is Rev. Pallawela pagngnananda thero. At the begining of our dhamma school Mr. Bandupala Abeykoon gave all the student the clothes for the national suites. Now the senior teachers are: Chamil Sir, Malintha Sir, Harshani Mis, Chandrika Mis, Jeewika Mis, Chalani Mis, Chathurika Mis, Gunaratne Sir, Premaratne Sir. Visit for further information about us. - I'm Malintha Dulshan Karunarathne.